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Professional Commercial Roach Killing Kit
Professional Commercial Roach Killing Kit
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Brand Jarrod's Pest Control Supplies
Manufacturer Jarrod's Pest Control Supplies

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This kit contains enough product to control hard to kill cockroaches that have infested large areas in apartment buildings, retail establishments, office buildings and more. Included in kit are 12 tubes of VENDETTA PLUS ROACH GEL BAIT: Vendetta Plus is a highly palatable "Balanced Nutrient Mix" gel bait that roaches can't resist. It is easy to handle and apply and isn't runny or messy and fits standard bait guns. Vendetta Plus combines two modes of action to kill German cockroaches where they hide, while reducing the population by preventing reproduction with NyGuard Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). The highly palatable bait matrix isn't runny in high heat and does not contain any of the "Big 8" allergens. 1 BLUE BAIT GUN: Holds 30 gram bait tubes (for Vendetta Plus and other 30 gram bait tubes), 1 x 240ml bottle of TEMPRID FX. Use Temprid FX with the JARROD'S B&G SPRAYER to treat around windows, doors, structure perimeters, under cabinets and appliances, cracks, crevices and anywhere roaches like to hide. Kills roaches and a wide range of other common household insects. 10 x 1 oz. bottles of GENTROL IGR. Gentrol IGR prevents insects from becoming breeding adults. Use in conjunction with Temprid FX to drastically reduce or eliminate roach populations. 1 x 96 ROACH PHEROMONE TRAPS: Catches roaches and acts as a monitor to determine how successful treatments have been. Place traps around against walls and in corners to catch any roaches that may have avoided treatments and to determine if additional treatments are needed. These products, when used according to label instructions decimate hard-to-kill roach populations in a variety of environments. Great for Pest control companies and exterminators. Ideal size for building maintenance staff to treat large areas in apartment buildings, retail store, office buildings, condos and industrial facilities.
Brand Jarrod's Pest Control Supplies
EAN 0616639338669
Feature Kit includes: 1 Gallon B&G Sprayer (Genuine B&G quality Sprayer) and Bait Gun for dispensing roach gel bait,12 tubes Vendetta Plus Roach Killing Gel Bait (approx 2,000 placements),10 x 1 oz bottles of Gentrol IGR ( Makes 10 gallons of solution),96 Roach Pheromone Glue Traps,Temprid FX 240ml bottle (Makes 15-30 gallons of solution)
Label Jarrod's Pest Control Supplies
Manufacturer Jarrod's Pest Control Supplies
ProductGroup Lawn & Patio
Publisher Jarrod's Pest Control Supplies
Studio Jarrod's Pest Control Supplies
Title Professional Commercial Roach Killing Kit
UPC 616639338669


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