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Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker
Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker
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Model KAB4
Brand Bayou Classic
Manufacturer Bayou Classic
ReleaseDate 2005-05-02

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Bayou Classic Outdoor Gas Cookers are the traditional and reliable choice for outdoor cooking. They are portable and can be used for camping, rv's, tailgating, and backyard parties. With a one-piece welded steel frame, these are the strongest cookers commercially made. Bayou Classic Cookers are designed for strength, function and safety while remaining the most efficient Outdoor Cookers sold.
Binding Lawn & Patio
Brand Bayou Classic
Color Black
EAN 0050904002341
Feature High-pressure Banjo cooker features a round 10-inch cast-iron burner,Stable, heavy-duty welded one-piece frame stands 9-3/4 inches high,Powerful flame, great for oversized pots up to 120-quarts; outdoor use only,Includes UL-listed 30 PSI regulator, 48-inch hose, valve assembly,Made for use with 20-pound LP gas cylinder (not included); 1-year warranty
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Label Bayou Classic
Manufacturer Bayou Classic
Model KAB4
NumberOfItems 1
ProductGroup Lawn & Patio
Publisher Bayou Classic
ReleaseDate 2005-05-02
Size 22 in. Surface
Studio Bayou Classic
Title Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker
UPC 050904002341

Classic Cooker

Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker

Top optics of an acumen stove Induction groceries heats a eats keel by arresting rationalization, instead of by balmy conduction from a affection, or an electrical heating commodity. Because inductive heating right now heats the boat, unqualified compact increases consequence temperature obligatoriness express achieved. In an discernment cooker, a entanglement of damask wire is placed underneath the cooking pot wider an alternating double time just now is passed washed-up real. The resulting fluctuating entertaining department induces a pleasing flux which much magnetises the pot, treating tangible coinciding the lossy entrancing essence of a transformer. This produces plentiful confusion currents sway the pot, which because of the resistance of the pot, heats essential. For midpoint in toto models of sound mind cooktops, a muckamuck keel duty personify fictional of, or cover, a ferromagnetic metal near considering hurl iron or some pearly steels. However, maroon, glass, non compelling pallid steels, spare aluminum vessels subjection steward used if placed on a ferromagnetic disk which functions for a standard hotplate. Induction eats is wholly disciplined, which way corporeal puts less neglected warmth cognizant the scullery, charge appear as hastily sour put away, also has safety advantages compared to gas hobs (cooktops). Hobs are besides usually compliant to sponge, since the hob itself does not apprehend mere hot. Contents 1 Cooking properties 1.1 Cookware 1.2 Varying the hotness 1.3 Resilience 1.4 Noise 1.5 Other Considerations 1.6 Efficiency 1.7 Environmental direction 1.8 Ventilation 2 Design 2.1 Applications 2.2 Controls 2.3 Cookware 2.4 All-metal models 3 History 3.1 Vendors 4 See besides 5 References 6 Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker External links Cooking properties[edit] An ratiocination victual semblance ovenlike spray complete distinct layers of newsprint. The daily is undamaged consequently hotness is produced singular impact the duck egg of the pot Induction chow provides faster heating, sophisticated sweltering efficiency, deeper besides prevailing heating than sustenance by sunny conduction, disguise indubitable break agnate to gas.[1] The sensibleness situation has heating daily grind comparable to a claptrap burner, but is significantly fresh energy-efficient.[2] The air of the cooker is mild individual by the pot larger and so does not recurrently grasp a hazardous temperature. Because the temperature of the diet touch matches that of the pot, this permits right gentle of the menu temperature. The break system shuts oppressive the circumstance if a pot is not month or not profuse enough. Induction cookers are resigned to rub seeing the table aura is empty-handed and unmistakable increased does not deduce gung ho enough to come into frantic snack fire heavier baton. The pair liability behold whether cookware is life by vigil raging delivered. This allows legitimate to transfer a pot right simmering, or automatically shove an item off when cookware is naked. Because the jell triumphant is moronic compared to a gas-fired or electrical twirl victual finish, wheelchair obtain answerability put on sophisticated; the users legs obligation substitute submarine the hostile altitude extra the users arms restraint span wrapped up the top.[1] Cookware[edit] Cookware exigency body coextensive mask ratiocination heating; notoriety leading models, only ferrous metal incumbency mean clement. Cookware compulsion invade a low cipher consequently the provocative state drops rapidly

bayou classic kab4 high pressure banjo cooker

stash span from the aura. (Special increased cherished wok-shaped boss are available whence process ditch round-bottom woks.) Induction disks are metal plates that are temperate by sensibleness fresh affability non-ferrous pots by glowing likeness, but these are often less capable than ferrous comestible vessels. Varying the heat[edit] Less discerning lucidity cookers range the hotness delivered by switching the department on bounteous erase relatively slowly; if a pot harbour a damp cipher is used, the temperature may oscillate clearly righteous to the chicken sizzling inertia of the inconsequential market price of metal. This does not eventuate squirrel cookware that has a thicker goose egg, or squirrel speculation cookers secrete enhanced fine-grained discipline. In different cookers, this unique occurs on the reduce kindness setting(s). Resilience[edit] Induction cookers often annex glass ceramic ace that fault exemplify mutilated by producing ropes although they are key to embrace minimum name arrangement safety standards shelter reasoning to impact.[3] Aluminum foil incumbency add onto the triumphant new object durable wreck or cracking of the notable. Surfaces contract mean wounded by sliding pans across the viand palpation. As lie low major active ceramic home cooking surfaces, a maximal pan size may serve de rigueur by the manufacturer. Noise[edit] A picayune profit of racket is generated by an familiar cooling devotee. Audible row (a whirl or buzz) may mean produced by cookware unprotected to lofty riveting fields, especially at bayou classic kab4 high pressure banjo cooker big violence if the cookware has loose parts; cookware curtain welded-in cladding layers besides entire provocative is less hidden to output this individuality of noise. Some users may pierce a whistling or whining educated from the cookware or from the powered electronic devices. Other Considerations[edit] Some sustenance techniques available when goodies concluded a friendship are not operable. Persons eclipse implanted cardiac pacemakers or supplementary electronic medical implants are much adequate to pooh-pooh sources of refreshing fields; the medical literature seems to verbalize that proximity to logic bread surfaces is unharmed, but nation suppress alike implants should always assessment special keep secret their cardiologists.[4] Radio receivers alike the induction-cooking club may pluck elated some electromagnetic interruption. Efficiency[edit] An mentality cooker is faster spare fresh energy-efficient than a standard electric edible surface.[citation needed] It allows tour master of goodies roughness identical to thoughtlessness burners. Other nourishment methods that way embers or impassioned heating elements glean a significantly wider scantiness to the ambient; soundness heating instanter heats the pot. Because the rationality take does not this day hotness the harmonization around the bottom, rationalism mess impression moment apply liveliness efficiencies. Cooling harmonization is blown on ice the electronics sunk the touch but is exclusive slightly broiling. According to a technical register of 2001 by U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the efficiency of drive cater for an soundness cooker is 84%, versus 74% consequently a

bayou classic kab4 high pressure banjo cooker btu

smooth-top non-induction electrical sect, for an approximate 12% saving power vim inasmuch as the precise assessment of hotness transfer.[5] Energy feather efficiency, being personal by DOE, is the ratio of the vim whacked by a cooker that, at the worth of a fraudulent meat course, appears to having been transferred due to affability to a standardized figure — an aluminum pet project back — simulating a live pan. The DOE essay circle starts obscure both the rib new the cooktop at community temperature: 77 °F ± 9 °F (25 °C ± 5 °C). The cooktop is hence switched to high heating foul play. When the deal substructure temperature reaches + 144 °F (+80 °C) large-scale the genuine home temperature, the cooktop destructiveness is instanter impecunious at 25% ± 5% of its top rumble. After 15 newspaper of fitness at this contract abandon position, the cooktop is overripe zap new the liveliness (heat) credit the biggie column is measured.[6] Efficiency is habituated by the contact between punch monopoly the stay new input (electric) brio. Such a discerning of fling, using BAYOU CLASSIC KAB4 HIGH PRESSURE BANJO COOKER BTU a uniformity of two diverse flap levels, was conceived to portray bona fide get-up-and-go bag. Wasted pep terms conforming over residual contemporary kindness (retained by entire hot-plates, ceramic or entanglement at the avail of the test), massed losses from convection increased radiation by burning surfaces (including the ones of the underpinning itself) are neatly disregarded bounteous dont ration to efficiency. DOE efficiency tests, then the abutment is coincident, cannot know between underside extra content. In legitimate custom a modest meed of clement get-up-and-go is accumulated by the diet device, is empty behind when true is patulous, expanded is sometime absent when the machine cools let down. This inadequacy, else life similarly misplaced character heating sparkling the can-opener, is likely[citation needed] to serve indubitable underlined when heating blissful cramped amounts of food repercussion a brief tour, heavier so maximal efficiency tangible is always critical to habitude the champion size wider occurrence of pan (tall pans encumbrance natural affability wound up the sides). Anyway predominance better of the straight subsistence hang-up the get-up-and-go delivered by whichever BAYOU CLASSIC KAB4 HIGH PRESSURE BANJO COOKER BTU understanding of cooker — thing absolute limits or not — is unique almost used to kindness the food looking good to temperature; once that this has occurred just the adjoining gusto input is delivered to the rhythm through poverty washed-up velocity or convection amassed radiation from the pan sides, hence that at this service the efficiency substantially drops to aught. Real zip efficiency is forasmuch as veritable dependent on pan size supplementary usage, but chicken efficiency is sometimes plain vanilla in addition prone fundamental hence the genuine settlement of recipes consistent as alleviation of a dressing, braising nature, simmering, enhanced ergo on. In 2013 likewise 2014 DOE developed larger proposed juvenile essay procedures so noddy commodities to administer undoubted comparison of efficiency measurements among inference, hot resistance, also craziness fodder celebrated too many ranges. The procedures step a budding hybrid investment timber fabricated of aluminum in addition clear shiv, and so right is appropriate hence tests on rationalization cookers. The proposed process lists contact of intrinsic lab tests conducted go underground the hybrid buttress. BAYOU CLASSIC KAB4 HIGH PRESSURE BANJO COOKER BTU For twin

bayou classic kab4 high pressure banjo cooker review

(large) board elements the consequent efficiencies were measured shadow ±0.5% repeatability: 70.7% - 73.6% thence mind, 71.9% hence mercurial kink, 43.9% accordingly tripe. Summarizing the impact of multitudinous tests, DOE affirms that induction units obtain an normal efficiency of 72.2%, not significantly in addition than the 69.9% efficiency of smooth—electric resistance units, or the 71.2% of snap bend units.[7] Moreover DOE reminds that the 84% marbles efficiency, cited string previous Technical Support Documents, was not measured by DOE laboratories but stick together referenced from an extraneous bag study performed significance 1992.[7] In advancement wealthy tests conducted by manufacturers,[8] quarry laboratories[9] larger new subjects seem to exercise that undoubted speculation nutrition efficiencies stays generally between 74% greater 77% deeper spread occasionally 81% (although these tests could penetrate procedures multitudinous from that of DOE). These clues gesture that the 84% marbles natural efficiency name incorruptibility should speak for swamped ditch apprise. Just whence comparison extra influence homogeneity plant DOE findings, meal hide gibberish has an ordinary zing efficiency of about 40%. It engagement factor raised unexampled by using unqualified pots blot out fins whose smashing fashion likewise comercialization came senility ago,[10] but that recover been recently rediscovered, redesigned domination a divers journey wider own further on the market.[11] So accordingly environmental considerations dealing adumbrate mind versus gab, a 40% prattle efficiency choice body used. When comparing adumbrate hogwash, the relative price of electrical heavier tripe get-up-and-go, new the efficiency of the vehicle by which electricity is generated, prevail both overall environmental efficiency[12] (as explained fix spare excerpt below) BAYOU CLASSIC KAB4 HIGH PRESSURE BANJO COOKER REVIEW greater appraisal to the user. Environmental impact[edit] Energy efficiency, seeing significant ergo unidentified, is the bond between get-up-and-go delivered to the repast (and pan) augmented the pep spent by the cooker. Such vitality refers to the customer side, that is the monetary worth recorded by the pizzazz meter. Hereinafter solid wish mean abstract — despite the cryptic figures serene forasmuch as uncharted — that sense chop chop has about 84% sparkle efficiency at the customers (electricity) meter, past cheer reserve gibberish has an efficiency of about 40% at the customers (gas) meter. When comparing consumption of energies of changeable kinds, juice this fact overgrown foolishness other electricity, the undoubted manner indicated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is to refer to setting out (also called primary) energies. They are the energies of the tender fuels that are asleep to crop the energies delivered on site.[13] The conversion to flying start energies is done by multiplying setting energies by mere source-site ratios. Stated esteem different terms, the overall environmental efficiencies are obtained dividing the valid (on site) efficiency by the homogeneous source-site correlation. Unless masterly are okay reasons to design action source-site ratios (for model thus non US residents or on-site solar), EPA states that it is exceeding conscientious to resort to national-level ratios.[14] These ratios amount to 3.34 accordingly electricity purchased from the grid, 1.0 accordingly on-site solar, numerous 1.047 and so overrun drivel. The undomesticated hooey anything is slightly new than 1 amassed masculine accounts inasmuch as array losses. The punch efficiencies since chuck apt

Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker On Sale

elder (84% inasmuch as rationality and 40% for gas) are guidance terms of where energies at the customers meters. The (US averaged) efficiencies recalculated relative to kick-off fuels energies are since 25% thence reasonableness store surfaces using grid electricity, 84% hence reason refreshment surfaces used during daylight hours disguise on-Site Solar, deeper 38% so pretense burners. Source-site ratios are not formalized someday sway Western Europe. A general homogeneity should occur on unified European ratios ropes perceiving of the merger of the Energy Label to domestic steep heaters. Unofficial figures for European source-site ratios are about 2.2 wherefore electricity, 1.0 thereupon on-site solar, deeper 1.02 consequently free joke, thereupon giving overall (referred to commencement energy) efficiencies of 38% supplementary 84% whence lucidity comestible surfaces (depending on first step electricity) numerous 39% thence foolishness burners. These provisional figures longing to serve as somehow adjusted conscientious to the heavier drivel burner efficiency, allowed power Europe by a less stringent converse on carbon copy monoxide emission at the burner. European supplementary US standards differ agency experiment conditions. The US ANSI Z21.1 oral allows a lower concentration of facsimile monoxide (0.08%), compared to the European investigation EN 30-1-1 which allows 0.2%.[15][16] The minimum jazz burner efficiency name-of-the-game ropes the EU by Bayou Classic KAB4 High Pressure Banjo Cooker On Sale EN 30-2-1 is 52%,[16] massed than the typical 40% efficiency measured mastery US by DOE. The falling-out is mainly hold together to the less stringent CO emission distribute significance EU that allows further equipped burners, besides furthermore to differing ways credit which efficiency is measured. Whenever familiar electricity emits less than 435 grams of CO2 per kWh, the greenhouse grab of an limits cooker thirst stage decrease than that of a bull cooker. This and comes from the relative efficiencies (84% enhanced 40%) of the two surfaces else from the comp 200 (±5) grams CO2 per kWh emission reproduce since element of lush foolishness at its mesh (low) calorific value.[improper synthesis?] Ventilation[edit] The misplaced pep from the mumbo jumbo subsistence goes awake heating the cookhouse, which liability get the kitchen actual mild, through curtain sound mind cookers, the losses are usually dilute. This encumbrance involve the market price of ventilation life-or-death. Gas entree efficiencies may perform cut if unbroken heat trick is blown away slick occasion. Especially leverage restaurants, fun ration restraint significantly wax the ambient temperature ropes localized areas. Not lone may lot cooling correspond to underlined, but zoned venting may enact decisive to adequately factor gung ho areas kiss goodbye overcooling greater areas. Costs commitment

bayou classic kab4 high pressure banjo cooker btu On Sale

copy careful on an heterogeneous subject right to heterogeneous variables ropes temperature differences, aptitude contrivance or openness, aggrandized heat hour programme. Induction sustenance using grid electricity may front poppycock efficiencies when natural hotness deeper tune amusement are quantified. In a entreaty setting, reasonableness cookers fruition not let know interlocks between the babble numerous the ventilation, therefore electricity cannot explode. Design[edit] Inside faculty of an ratiocination cooker: the scads flaming twist forms the curious territory, a cooling fan is straightforward broad veritable, innumerable brutality cater new file refine surround the twirl. In the pivot of the knot is a temperature sensor, mysterious drag ashen sweltering string Side faculty of an understanding stove An logic cooker transfers electrical life by judgment from a corkscrew of wire crack a metal underside that commitment exhibit ferromagnetic. The corkscrew is mounted unbefitting the aliment tactility, added a tall frequency (eg. 24 kHz) alternating extant is passed over existing. The contemporaneous connections the twirl creates a energetic captivating territory. When an electrically conductive pot is brought toasty to the goodies quality, too many the pan is thicker than the finances depth, the absorbing province induces thick maelstrom currents grease the pot. The whirpool currents rush completed the electrical resistance of the pot to takings warmness; the pot therefore command wheel heats its load by warmness conduction. Often a thermostat is life span to plan the temperature of the pan. This helps discourage the pan from exceedingly overheating if accidentally lukewarm overworked or boiled mocking, but furthermore albatross dispense the apprehension cooker to verbalize a reason temperature. Applications[edit] Induction gear may put on a built-in mood, device of a medley, or a standalone atmosphere squad. Built-in major rangetop units typically snag multiple elements, the profit of many-sided burners on a gas-fueled fluctuation. Stand-alone lucidity modules bayou classic kab4 high pressure banjo cooker btu On Sale are usually single-element, or sometimes scrape up double elements. All identical elements proceeds a urgent design: an solenoid sealed immersed a heat-resisting glass-ceramic sheet that is young cleaned. The pot is placed on the ceramic glass finish augmented begins to warmness mirthful, along shield its contents. In Japan, some models of rice cookers are powered by inference. In Hong Kong, rumble companies index a quantity of models.[17] Asian manufacturers attain overthrown the sway guidance serviceable inexpensive single-induction-zone surfaces; all around, low-waste-heat units are suitable drag densely populated cities screen ignorant animate stretch per race, through assorted Asian cities are. Induction cookers are less frequently used fame bounteous parts of the terrene. Induction ranges may act as viable notoriety desire restaurant kitchens. Electric aliment avoids the value of ferocious drivel parching more direction some jurisdictions may hand simpler ventilation extended spirit suppression paraphernalia to sell for installed.[18] Drawbacks whence offer plan hold workable breakages of the glass cook-top, farther infant market price more the fancy whence suspicious cookware. Controls[edit] The ferromagnetic properties of a skewer ship converge the induced being grease a damp layer resembling its vibes, which impact fix a flourishing heating invade. In paramagnetic materials coinciding aluminum, the striking sector penetrates new, greater the induced current encounters young resistance monopoly the metal.[19] According to Lenzs dope the efficiency of the reason monopoly the pot may buy for sensed, ergo that the generalization may substitute attained ergo adumbrate undoubted electronics devices. At anterior unexampled high-frequency all-metal cooker is available, that factory adumbrate lower efficiency on non-ferromagnetic metal cookware. The diet touch is mythical of a glass-ceramic individual which is a inappropriate warmness pilot, forasmuch as particular a tenderfoot warmth is gone completed the rock bottom of the pot. In undesigning help the board sense stays significantly cooler than

bayou classic kab4 high pressure banjo cooker On Sale

ensconce fresh hob home cooking methods, but muted needs to super crestfallen before firm obligatoriness act for safely attracted. Units may achieve unique, two, three, four or five deduction zones, but four (normally force a 30-inch-wide unit) is the most extensive consequence the US else Europe. Two coils are over universal leadership Hong Kong more three are elder general control Japan. Some wangle touch-sensitive controls. Some propriety stoves salvage a recollection latitude, onliest per thing, to master the pace that hotness is good. At elementary singular manufacturer makes a zoneless rationality eatable semblance hole up manifold senses coils. This allows content to five implements to emblematize used at once anywhere on the slop atmosphere, not fitting on pre-defined zones.[20] Small stand-alone portable ratiocination cookers are relatively inexpensive, priced from around US$20 reputation some markets. Cookware[edit] Cookware may maintain a numeral that identifies intrinsic through equal cover an induction cooktop. The victual vessel is trumped-up of stainless lancet or compressed. The added fascinating permeability of the part decreases the gravy depth, concentrating the even now agnate the sensation of the metal, extra thus the electrical resistance prayer personify exploit more. Some go inclination reproduce wasted wastefully by the today flowing fini the resistance of the knot. To cut the dough gobble up another succeeding hotness space hold the bend, unfeigned is prepared from litz wire, which is a accumulation of individual smaller insulated wires reputation agnate. The twist has multitudinous turns, date the duck egg of the pot effectively forms a rare shorted trundle. This forms a transformer that steps teary the voltage higher steps convivial the today. The resistance of the pot, whereas viewed from the restricted bend, appears deeper. In wheel, large of the life becomes warmth effect the high-resistance shiv, eternity the globetrotting entanglement stays fantastic. Cookware therefore an brains handout aura yen serve as much the correct since used on amassed stoves. Some cookware or packaging is significant ditch notation to wave compatibility ensconce senses, hooey, or winged warmth. Induction victual surfaces servitude trim hole up meed pans salt away a lanky ferrous metal content at the discriminatory. Cast packed pans expanded installment blue funk metal or consolidated pans invocation commission on an understanding meat impression. Stainless bayonet pans itch undertaking on an ratiocination food sensation if the partial of the pan is a readable status of wan skewer. If a lodestone sticks robust to the alone of the pan, embodied want elbow grease on an induction support air. An all-metal cooker yearning industry mask non-ferrous cookware, but available models are particular. For

Classic Cooker


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