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Pawaca 17" Galileo Thermometer and Multicolor Glass Spheres Fluid Barometer in Centigrade Home Decoration Gift
Pawaca 17
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Brand Pawaca
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Galileo Thermometer, referring to the Italian scientist Galileo based on material expansion and contraction principle developed for measuring the temperature of the tool, which after several improvements to become our commonly used temperature measuring device.

The Principle of the Thermometer
The density of the liquid varies with temperature and the amount of liquid filled in each glass bulb varies, so its weight is also different. Temperature upper body, the thermometer in the liquid density becomes smaller, the heavier the ball slowly sink to the bottom.

How to Read the Temperature
The lowest temperature of the ball in the reading sphere that floats above the thermometer shows the correct current ambient temperature.
A. Floating in the top of the ball The lowest ball shows the temperature is the current temperature.
B, if all the balls float on top of the thermometer, the current temperature is below the lower limit of the measurement range.
C, if all the balls are sinking at the bottom of the thermometer, the current temperature is above the upper limit of the measuring range.

Dimension (D*H): 1.85" X 17.32" / 4.7 X 44cm

Package include:
1 x Galileo Themometer
Binding Kitchen
Brand Pawaca
Color #1
EAN 6025779903639
Feature Galileo thermometer is based on the principle of object density with temperature changes designed color glass globe thermometer. It is mainly used for indoor environment decoration or as a gift,Each float globe hung a tag which shows the temperature, these colorful float globes will sink or rise according to the temperature changes,Measures range of 16-28 degree centigrade shown on the tags hung on float globe,As the temperature of the air outside the thermometer changes, so does the temperature of the liquid surrounding the bubbles. As the temperature of the liquid changes, it either expands or contracts, thereby changing its density,It is not only an enlightenment for curiosity about the science, but also a decorative and funny gift to you and your family. An ideal gift inspiration for Birthday, Christmas Day, Children's day or any time
Label Pawaca
Manufacturer Pawaca
MPN 6025779903639
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Title Pawaca 17" Galileo Thermometer and Multicolor Glass Spheres Fluid Barometer in Centigrade Home Decoration Gift


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