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Mudder Swivel Hooks Clips for Hanging Wind Spinners Crystal Twisters and Party Supply (4 Pack)
Mudder Swivel Hooks Clips for Hanging Wind Spinners Crystal Twisters and Party Supply (4 Pack)
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Brand Mudder
Manufacturer Mudder

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Mudder swivel hooks for hanging wind spinners
Mudder stainless steel swivel clips are precisely made and spin smoothly with very little friction. It's applicable for spinning windsocks and any kites. They are very durable and won't corrode easily.

Material: stainless steel

Package details:
4 x Mudder Swivel Clips
Brand Mudder
EAN 0604776889724
Feature Good gadgets for hanging wind spinners, crystal twisters, billboard and retail products, showcase flags, windsocks, flower pots, plants, bird feeders, solar lights, etc.,Made of high strength stainless steel material,3.4 Inch overall length; 0.017 kg Weight can bear up 3 kg objects,Rotating 360 degrees; Helpful for 3D wind spinners and others that needs to rotate, turn, twist, twirl, hang, or display,It can be taken apart and the new two parts become two new hook clips
Label Mudder
Manufacturer Mudder
MPN 10312321
ProductGroup Toy
Publisher Mudder
Studio Mudder
Title Mudder Swivel Hooks Clips for Hanging Wind Spinners Crystal Twisters and Party Supply (4 Pack)
UPC 604776889724

Mudder Pack

mudder swivel hooks clips wind spinners crystal twisters party supply pack

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Mudder Swivel Hooks Clips for Hanging Wind Spinners Crystal Twisters and Party Supply 4 Pack

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Mudder Swivel Hooks Clips Wind Spinners Crystal Twisters Party Supply Pack

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mudder swivel hooks clips for hanging wind spinners crystal twisters and party supply 4 pack

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mudder swivel hooks clips wind spinners crystal twisters party supply pack Cheap

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Mudder Swivel Hooks Clips Wind Spinners Crystal Twisters Party Supply Pack Cheap

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Mudder Pack


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