Patio and Furniture Feed Outdoor Kitchens RSS Feed GDEALER Instant Read Thermometer Super Fast Digital Electronic Food Thermometer Cooking Thermometer...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Use screwdriver to tighten the screw properly near the battery box to avoid probe popping out. Tips: Toggle Units: Shift the switch under the battery cover to set the default to "Fahrenheit" or "Celsius". How to use: Just open the probe and insert the temperature a couple of centimeter into the food you want to know the temperature of. In a few seconds, a highly accurate temperature reading will be displayed on the built-in LCD screen. Product Specifications: -℉/℃ switchable -Response Time:4-6seconds for meat and 4-20 seconds for liquid -Large LCD display, easy to read -Measurement range:58℉ to 572℉(-50-300℃) -Accuracy: ± 0.1℉ (between -4F to 392F) -Hold temperature function, it will "hold" the temperature reading until pressed again -10 minutes Auto-off -Food-safe ABS plastic case and stainless probe Notice: 1. Do not leave thermometer in oven while cooking, do not touch hot probe with bare hands. 2. Before withdrawing from food, press HOLD button. It will "hold" the temperature reading. 3. Wash the metal probe in soapy water. Clean thermometer by hand. Do not completely immerse in water. 4. The folding probe is with a sharp tapered end, fold away when not in use making the wireless unit a small and convenient size for your pocket or drawer. Package Included: 1 x GDEALER Digital Food Thermometer 1 x AAA 1.5V Battery Additional Images: Price: $36.99Bellemain Stainless Steel Cheese Melting DomeWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 BBQing on the deck or indoor-grilling, add that "perfect touch" to your culinary creations in about 30 seconds. The Bellemain Stainless Steel Melting Dome is designed to be your assistant in crafting tasty cheese-dripped burgers, succulent veggies, and more. Because cooking is an art form, but that doesn't mean you can leave it to chance. Infuse More Flavor in Your Food-FAST Fire things up QUICK with the Bellemain Stainless Steel Melting Dome. The perfect depth and size captures just the right heat to melt your cheese in 30 seconds while leaving your burger tender and delicious. Perfect On the Deck or In the House Use on the back-deck BBQ for perfect burgers, then bring it inside to steam your veggies and put the finishing touches on your rice. The dome body is precisely made to the perfect depth for steaming, and its stainless steel inside prevents rust or staining. As Fast As You Are-and Safe, Too! When things heat up in the kitchen, choose the melting dome made to move with you, not against you. With its quick-grab handle this pro tool can beautify burger after burger-and its rolled edges keep it stable on any surface. Additional Images: Price: $19.95Oatey 34055 Plastic Access Panel, 6-Inch by 9-InchWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 clips on electrical access panel door and frame eliminates sagging or bowing of door in ceiling applications; #34054, #34055 and #34045 have knockouts to accommodate wires, 1/4-Inch waterlines, etc.;. Additional Images: Price: $16.49Oatey 34044 Access Panel, 14 X 29-InchWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 34044 Access Panel, 14 X 29-Inch Additional Images: Price: $39.99Wallo 5 X 7-Inch Plastic Access Door, Reinforced Hinged Access Panel for Drywall Walls and...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600" x 7" Wallo ADP-0705 Plastic Access Door is designed to provide easy access to walls and ceilings. The high impact ABS plastic with UV stabilizers will not fade or corrode. The door is completely removable from the frame and fits tightly with snap latches. The white finish with textured exposed surfaces can be left as is or painted to match the surrounding areas. This door is easy to install by applying caulking adhesive to the back of the frame and pressing into place. Buy Now and receive Wallo Brands' 100% Money-Back Guarantee! We are so certain that our panels will bring life to your next project that we offer a 90 day no-questions-asked refund policy. Additional Images: Price: $13.99Can Cooker Junior Cooker, SilverWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Can Cooker Jr. is a unique outdoor cooking device that allows you to cook a lot of food without a lot of work. Can Cooker makes a complete meal, that will feed a group of hungry people, in about one hour. Best of all, Can Cooker works on any heat source-campfire, camp stove, propane stove, charcoal or gas grill, turkey fryer, stove top, etc. and it's easy to clean up. This makes Can Cooker ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, family gatherings, picnics or any outdoor get-together. Can Cooker cooks with steam so it's healthy. Can Cooker's revolutionary one-piece "shouldered" design creates convection which circulates the steam for faster cooking. The circulating steam also helps keep food from sticking to the inside of the Can Cooker which makes clean up remarkably easy. The food that comes out of Can Cooker is fresh and very flavorful and it maintains its natural flavor better than other forms of cooking. This is because the steam does not leach away the flavors and nutrients. Everything comes out tender and tasty. Nothing comes out dry. Because Can Cooker is so easy to use (load it, place it on the heat source and wait about an hour) you'll be able to play or socialize instead of cooking the meal. Can Cooker Jr. has all the features of the original Can Cooker with a smaller two gallon capacity. Additional Images: Price: $59.99Pizzacraft Square Steel Baking Plate for Kitchen or Barbeque Grill, 14 by 14 - PC0308Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Baking steels work in two ways: They're an alternative to your baking stone, and they can also be used at the same time as a baking stone. Steels are great for pizza, bread, pastries or any other baked goods. They eliminate hot spots while cooking, and produce uniformly browned crust. Two suggested methods for cooking with a pizza steel are: Steel and stone: Place a steel baking plate with pizza on it on the bottom oven rack while positioning a pizza stone on the top rack a few inches above to achieve perfectly crisp crust. Radiant heat from the stone will help to brown the top crust and cook the toppings like the elevated ambient heat of a pizza oven. Steel and broiler: Place pizza steel on a rack positioned directly below the broiler of your oven. The pizza steel will achieve a perfectly crisp crust, while direct heat from the broiler will brown the top crust and cook the toppings. A baking steel is optimal because metal conducts heat better than stone and it stores more heat than stone - both key characteristics in creating a pizza that cooks up light and crisp. In a 500 F oven, a baking steel will stabilize at around 450 F due to the steel's radiative properties. It gives constant heat even as it absorbs it. That means it stabilizes at a temperature that's slightly cooler than the air around it. However, it is better at transferring energy to food placed on top of it. HOW TO USE: Pre-heat the baking steel in the oven for 45 minutes to one hour. Place uncooked pizza in the middle of the baking steel and proceed to cook your pizza according to the instructions of your pizza recipe. For best results, we recommend that you pre-heat your oven and steel at 500-550F, then cook your pizza for about eight minutes. Keep an eye on your food to reduce the chance of a burnt crust. CARE: Hand wash with warm water, and immediately dry. Allowing the steel to remain wet will shorten its life and could contribute to rusting. Do not use soap to clean. Washing with soap will require the steel to be re-seasoned. Occasionally rub oil on steel to maintain seasoning. A pizza steel does require the same kind of care that one would give to cast iron. CAUTION: Steel plate will get hot. Use oven mitt or glove when handling. We do not recommend using a steel on the grill. It is harder to control temperature on a grill, which means your steel could overheat quickly. Additional Images: Price: $39.99GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable Folding Cook StationWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station Camping Table brings the kitchen outside for camping, picnics, tailgating, grilling, and outdoor parties. With space for a camp stove or grill, counter top surfaces for cookware and utensils, and dry good storage, it makes outdoor meal prep and cooking easy and convenient. The one-piece powder-coated steel frame easily unfolds, thanks to GCI’s Slim-Fold technology, revealing an outdoor kitchen with an aluminum counter top, wire storage rack, and four plastic fold-out side tables. The heat-resistant aluminum counter top holds up to 48 pounds, and is the ideal space for a camp stove or grill. A lower wire rack holds up to 35 pounds for dry good storage. The four fold-out side tables hold 30 pounds each, and have beverage holders, stemware holders, a paper towel holder, and hooks to hold grilling tools and garbage bags. Easy to open, setup, and close, the GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Cook Station Camping Kitchen folds flat for storage, and has convenience carry handles for portability. Outdoor collapsible table measures 20.9 x 52 x 32.3 inches open, 20.9 x 3.7 x 34.6 inches folded, and weighs 18.9 pounds. Limited lifetime warranty. Additional Images: Price: $63.76BBQ Gloves - Grilling Gloves - Fireproof Gloves - Barbecue Gloves - Outdoor BBQ - Best Grill Gloves...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Our clients are always satisfied: "These gloves are awesome they are exactly what I was looking for..." BBQ GLOVES: BBQ, GRILL, BAKING, OVEN, HANDLING SUPER-HOT ITEMS, FIREPLACE - THERE ARE SO MANY WAYS TO COOK TASTY MEAT OR VEGETABLES. Bbq gloves protect your fingers, wrists, and forearms from the highest temperatures - up to 932°F. Our grilling gloves are made of 4 layers, each of is high-quality and functional: FOOD-GRADE SILICONE - great for bbq gloves, since the material doesn't slide and lets you hold firmly any object or product in your hand. ARMID FIBER - a layer which protects from fire. The 4th level of protection, using our bbq gloves is ensured by EN407 certification. INNER LAYERS: COTTON AND POLYESTER. These barbecue gloves are elastic, comfortable and pleasant to touch. So your hands feel comfortable. THE FIREPROOF GLOVES DON'T SLIDE OR DISRUPT YOU WHEN COOKING. One size - universal, fits most people. The longer 14" design protects the whole hand area. The availability of a special loop lets you comfortably store the grilling gloves. Just hang bbq gloves on any loop. BEST GIFT - FOR ANY HOLIDAYS! Do you want to cheer your friends and relatives with high-quality and multifunctional barbecue gloves, for the easiest and most convenient cooking they've had in their lifetime? These bbq gloves, they say imitate real art, so give your loved ones an accessory which will help them improve their cooking skills. NO MORE BURNS! No more terrible past experience with your old bbq gloves. ORDER RIGHT NOW and your hands will be in safe!!! 100% SATISFACTION. 100% money back guarantee. ABSOLUTELY RISK-FREE DEAL! Additional Images: Price: $26.99Grillaholics Meat Temperature and Smoking Guide, Best is Barbecue Grilling Accessories, Magnets for...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 a-maze-n about absolute absolutely abuse abuses access accessible accessories accessory accident accidental add age akorn alder alderwood all almond almonds amazen amazing amazon an and any apple apples apricot are areas asked at attachment aunt aunts autumn autumns bac back bacon badass barbecue barbecues barbeque bayou bbq bbqsmokers be bear bears beast beasts beef beginners bend bernard best bge bisquettes black blend bloodlines book books boone boss boss's bosses box boxes bradley break brinkman brinkmann brisket brother brothers bullet burger burgers burner butt butts by cabinet cabinets cajun camerons camp can cans car carabiner caserole casserole casseroles cave cavetools celsius champ charcoal chart charts check chef chefs cherry chestnut chicken chickens chip chip-man chips chop chops chuncks chunk chunkc chunks classic classics clean clip clips color compact complete controller conversion conversions cook cook-air cook's cookbook cooked cooking cooks cool core country cover covers cyberq dad dads damage daniel daniels day days deals degree delight deluxe digital dishwasher dollars dome done doneness download downloads durable easy ebooks egg eggs electric eliminate elite essential essentials every fahrenheit family father father's favor favors feel fired firespice fish fit flavor flavors font fonts food for fork forks free fresh fridge from fruits full gadget gadgets gage gague gauge gauges genesis giant gide gift gifts girl girlfriend girls give gourmet grease great green greenclean greens grill grillaholics grillbeast grilling grills grillsmoker ground group groups growing grwing guide guides gun guy guy's guys ham hamburger hand has haves here hickory high highland him hinge how ideas if igrill impunity in includes indoor instant instructions internal is it itemp jack jacks jeff juice juices junior just kabobs keep kenyon kimono kit kitchen kits knowledge lamb Additional Images: Price: $14.95