Patio and Furniture Feed Accessories RSS Feed Mouse Trap - Rat Traps Snap Humane Power Rodent Killer, Mice Trap,Sensitive Reusable and Durable by...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 PROFESSIONAL MOUSE TRAP/RODENT KILLER/MICE CATCHER Features: ☘Sturdy construction and humane rodent killer☘High precision trigger mechanism on mouse catcher☘Removable bait cup☘Washable and reusable☘High quality and durable ABS plastic material☘Much more sensitive with Buyplus mouse traps. Description ☘ Buyplus high effective mini mouse trap comes with improved rodent killer, making it faster and easier to set than traditional wood or metal mouse traps. 100% kill the rat and won't let it escape once it touches the pedal. Works best with liquid or solid bait and comes in a Pack of 6 mouse traps with rope hole. Even with a big vole, it will not take the mouse trap away. ☘ The mice killer made of high quality plastic which is easy to wash and can be reused for years of service, these mouse traps won't leave bad odor and stains like old fashioned wood or metal mouse trap does, also won't rust. ☘This mouse trap can be set quickly - up side down the mouse killer, turn off the bait cup, and place the bait, re-turn on it, push the mouse trap, keep it to where you want-that is ok. ☘Using chemical drugs or Electronic ultrasonic equipment just let the mouse escape temporarily, they will no longer afraid and return after a period of time. With our rat traps, kill rats at the very first time to avoid rats come again. -WARNINGS 1.Handle with Care when use the rodent killer, avoid pinching fingers. 2.Please put the mouse trap where kids and pets can't touch. 3.After setting the mouse trap, never touch it with your hand. If you want to release the trap, please use a stick or other tool. PLEASE DO NOT INJURE YOURSELF. [TIP] ★★★ Great gift idea with these 6 Pack mouse traps★★★ ★★★100% Satisfaction Guarantee. ★★★[REMIND] PURCHASE THE MOUSE TRAPS NOW, USE IT TOMORROW!!! Additional Images: Price: $29.99BED BUG, LICE & MITE KILLER SPRAY 24 oz – Natural Non Toxic – Child & Pet Friendly –...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Premo Bed Bug & Lice Killer is a must for homeowners and bed bug exterminators alike. We have specifically designed our bed bug spray to be a powerful yet safe method of eradicating pest problems.   Our product is made of non-toxic ingredients that are fast-acting, and produce immediate results on contact. It is safe to use around children and pets, and it won't aggravate persons with respiratory conditions. Personal items and furniture are safe from damage, too, as our bed bug exterminating spray is stain-free, and scent-free.   We created our bed bug spray to be used during both preventative maintenance and in the event that bed bug extermination is necessary. Because it is non-toxic, it can be used during a regular cleaning routine to prevent a bed bug infestation without risk of overexposure, and to exterminate bed bugs without having to evacuate a home. Premo Bed Bug & Lice Killer is used worldwide by hotels, dormitories, and the hospitality industry to prevent bed bug infestations as well as by exterminators and pest control professionals for bed bug and other insect treatment. The non-toxic bed bug treatment kills bed bugs and other insects on contact and can be used on all water-safe surfaces. Additional Images: Price: $35.95Iselector Bug Zapper- Electronic Insect Killer Mosquito Killer Eliminates Flying Pests Night LampWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Indoor Pest Control, Electronic Fly Killer, Fly Zapper, Bug Zapper, Insect Killer, Mosquito Killer, Fly Trap. Keep control of flying insects all year round with this powerful Insects Killer. Ideal for use in the home, office and other indoor places. How does it work Two UV bulbs emit powerful attractant ultraviolet rays that attract flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects to the the Powerful electronic grid where they will be immediately zapped. Our Electronic Fly Killer's Features - Powerful electronic grid that instantly zaps approaching insects - Protective cage to prevent accidental contact with grid by people or pets. - No maintenance is required for this insect zapper. Simply empty the dead bug - Chemical free-No more pesticides or potentially harmful sprays - corrosion-proof, durable and easy to clean Additional Images: Price: $29.99Flowtron MA-1000-6 Octenol Mosquito Attractant Cartridges, 6-PackWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 your insect killer up to 5 times more effective at killing mosquitoes and biting flies Additional Images: Price: $49.99Lifecolor Indoor Pest Control Solution - Set of 4 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for Mice, Mosquito,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Pest Repellent Advantages1. Permanently drive the mouse: modern advanced microelectronics technology, leading to ultrasound so that mice fear, always fled your home, afraid to enter your home.2. Environmental &safety: High quality ABS environmentally friendly flame retardant materials, non-toxic odorless no noise. Only the mouse, insects hear the sound of ultrasound, people and pets sound system will not produce any interference.3. Efficient energy saving: Do not need any harmful chemical reagents, just insert the home outlet to use. Single product monthly power consumption is less than 3 degrees.4. Health and Clean:Just make the mouse leave from your home, do not need to clean up dead pests.5. Widely Used: Can be used for various occasions:Home, office environment, warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, granaries, rooms, hotels.Effect ProcessUltrasonic is an expulsion process3-5 days: Mice, cockroaches are eager to interfere with their physiological and nervous systems because of the ultrasound, the creatures hidden in the dark will be forced out.2-3 weeks:Receive the best result.1 month later: completely cleared ( depends on the range of pests).Forever: Daily Family Environmental Protection..Professional advice: Please place the ultrasonic pest control in the indoor more open place, to avoid the front 2 meters there are obstacles. Too much control room is too much room, should increase the number of insect repellent, to ensure that high-energy ultrasound coverage to achieve expulsion effect. Additional Images: Price: $20.89Thermacell R-10 Mosquito Repeller Refill, 120 Hour Mega Pack (30 Repellent Mats and 10 Butane...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Thermacell R-10 Mosquito Repeller Refill 120 Hour Mega Pack effectively repels mosquitoes by creating a 15-foot zone of protection when used in a Thermacell Repeller. This refill pack containing 30 repellent mats and 10 butane cartridges will last 120 hours total and is compatible with all Thermacell Repellers, Lanterns, and Torches. Ideal for use while camping, fishing, gardening, hunting, around the backyard, and more. Thermacell mosquito repellent products are powered by a Thermacell butane cartridge which directs heat to a small mat infused with the repellent Allethrin, a synthetic version of a naturally occurring repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers. Heat disperses the repellent creating the 15-foot zone of protection. Thermacell protects millions of people from mosquitoes with no messy sprays or lotions, no odors, no noise, no DEET, and no open flames. For best results, use on days with light or no wind (bugs are at their worst on these days), and allow 10-15 minutes to form a complete zone of protection around the unit. Thermacell products are safe, effective, and come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. With Thermacell, Turn it on… MOSQUITOES GONE! Additional Images: Price: $44.70Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Triple Action Deep Repel Tech - Electronic Pest Control Plug In-Mouse Rat...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Description Instant Indoor and Outdoor Elimination of Rodents & Pests The mouse repellent adopting modern microelectronics technology emits super-low electromagnetic wave and two types of ultrasonic constantly alternate with beautiful appearance. Which irritate rodents and Insects auditory and nervous system so that they are unable to live in this area. Instant Indoor and Outdoor Elimination of Rodents & Pests Features: - Repels Mice, Rats ,Crickets, squirrels, and roaches, Bugs, Ants, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Rats, and more. - Best result seem after continuous use for 3-4 weeks. - Ultrasonic Frequency: 20-55KHZ - Power Supply Voltage: AC110-220V - Power Consumption: less than 15W - Size: 5 x 3 x 1.7 inches Notice: 1)Please put the the device plug in a wall socket panel or drag strip, fixed in the wall socket and vertical to the floor at a height of 10 inches referring for different pets to adjust different height. 2)When using the device, there should not exist the obstacle 40 inches ahead. 3)This device should be in keeping working about at least 4 weeks to see effect.And it can keep working in 3-5years. Package including: -1 x Ultrasonic mouse repellent -1 x User Manual Additional Images: Price: $49.99B&G Bulb Dust-R Model M1150 Hand Duster and Tip Kit Combo - To Apply Delta, Pyganic Drione,...Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Bulb Duster 1150 is an irreplaceable piece of equipment from the leader in pest control equipment. B&G equipment is widely used in the pest control industry and the quality from B&G has never been compromised. A B&G Bulb Duster is a reliable piece of equipment and is a must have for PCO or homeowner. Additional Images: Price: $22.96Flowtron BF-35 Replacement Bulb for BK-15DWed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 Bulb for BK-15KD Additional Images: Price: $17.99S C Johnson OFF Country Fresh Scent Mosquito Coil III Refills, 6 refills (Pack of 2)Wed, 31 Dec 69 18:00:00 -0600 C Johnson OFF Country Fresh Scent Mosquito Coil III Refills, 6 refills (Pack of 2) Additional Images: Price: $10.99